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Slide Track

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Slide Track, beside being one of the best track guided system in the market it is also one of the best value for money in the market place, withOutlook, Vistaweave, Visiontex (Hi-Tech woven fabrics) Clear or tinted PVC it’s all the same priceand with its smooth line head box/pelmet made out of thick extruded aluminium, powder coated in 6 main colours, it’s hard to beat.
Slide Track has no ropes, no pullies, no zips, no cables, it is a track-guided system has specially designed to lock the blind in but allowing the blind slid smoothly and easily in the track, stopping at any position. The blind can be secured and locked in the down position to guard against high winds and UV.
Slide Track® stops weather entering around the sides of the blinds due to its unique track guided system which attaches to your posts/pillars/walls ect. combined with the fabric, the result is a complete seal to keep out the wind, rain, insects and even birds.
Slide Track Blinds are perfect for your alfresco area, your pergola, your veranda,actually any area you like entertain or relax and enjoy.
Features and Benefits
Easy to use
• Versatile
• Environmentally friendly
• Motorized, Spring assist or gearbox operation
• Clear PVC for perfect protection from wind and rain
• Tinted PVC for perfect protection from wind, rain & sun glair
• Hi-Tech woven fabrics, for the perfected all year round blind, this will protect you against the sun, wind, rain & UV rays
• Perfect for all areas of your home: Alfresco, patio, veranda and even windows
• No Ropes..NoZips..NoPulleys..NoStraps..No Buckles
• Ideal for business, eating areas, corporate signage & shop fronts

Slid tracks Standard track colours, Black, White, Cream, Sand, Woodland Grey, Monument and if required we can arrange powder coating (colour bond range only)


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