Our Rope and Pulley outdoor blinds are very versatile and suitable for places where other types of blinds cannot be used.

These blinds are fixed at the top with an aluminium sail track. They can be manually moved up or down with a rope and pulley. Honestly, our other blinds are easier to operatate but these blinds are the only ones which can be used for sloping roofs.

Our Rope and Pulley blinds come inclusive with ropes, pulleys and rips. For measurements and other options, please see the form below.

Any questions? Call us 1300 040 577!


We now check measure and install for Melbourne and surrounding Suburbs

In order for you to still take advantage of Ziptrak blinds at DIY prices we have made it easy for you and we are now offering a check measure and install service.

For more info call 1300 040 577.

To make the as simple as possible

· Simply just give us a call regarding the costs of check measure and install.

This process has been introduced to meet Ziptrak standards and quality assurance

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Some of the benefits of Rope and Pulley blinds include

  • Very versatile; can be used for sloping roofs
  • Sturdy stainless steel track
  • Inexpensive


We ship Australia-wide. We pack the blinds in high-grade packaging so they arrive with no damage and ready for you to install them.

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