Roller shutters

Roller shutters


DIY Outdoor Blinds supplies security roller shutters from Rollashield- the best in Australia!

We have Rollashield’s Residential Curved Series. It is designed to suit the Australian market. The slat profile is procured from the Adelaide manufacturing facility, which creates them using German-built roll forming machines that give you peace of mind knowing your product will meet high standards no matter what situation it finds itself under!

Why get Security Roller Shutters?

The Rollashield Residential Curved Series slats will provide you with the strength that your home needs while maintaining exceptional working performance. This is accomplished through PU foam injections, during the roll-forming.

The unique slat design provides unrivaled lateral strength and minimal roll sizes. This allows for a much smaller head box size, making it a perfect fit for almost any sized window.

With a strong built and high-quality material, it keeps your home cool in summers and warmer in harsh chilly winters. Hence, it is an effective weapon to combat soaring energy bills.

Keep disturbing elements like insects and dust at bay with this improved and technologically-advanced security roller shutter.

In need of better light control? Look no further than our security roller shutters. They provide you with an easy way to regulate the amount and quality of sunlight that enters your home or office.

There is a wide range of colors available. It is time to add the right colors! No longer will you be limited to the same old boring hues!

Does it get too noisy around your home? With the Rollasheild roller shutter, you can reduce noise so that your family has a peaceful afternoon nap on weekends.

Please Note- The Rollashield Residential Curved Series is available in three different styles:
  • 400 with profile lines on the convex side and a smooth finish on the concave
  • 401 with a smooth finish on both sides
  • 402 with profile lines on both sides

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