With eZIP Track Blinds (often called just eZIP) you can now enjoy your outdoor area without the fear of getting disturbed by insects or being too hot or cold. With eZIP it is like adding an additional layer between yourself and nature's elements.

Why Get eZIP Blinds?

Whether it is summer heat waves or unbearable winter chill, eZIP Blinds will come handy. It is a user-friendly product that makes life more convenient for everyone.

These make a great addition to any home. They come in many different fabrics and colors, so you're sure to find something that matches your décor!

The eZIP outdoor blinds are perfect for any space that needs an extra layer of security. Also, you get UV protection that will help keep your home looking fresh and new. As for the furniture, they shall stay in good shape longer being protected from harmful UV rays.

It is also suitable for commercial spaces like shop fronts, eating areas, cafes and so on. It is suitable for different corners in a home, as well- alfresco, patio, veranda and more.

For a hassle-free and affordable experience, order your eZIP Blinds online, now

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All of our blinds are custom-made to your specifications. Provide your measurements below and choose the optional extras you require. The price for your custom order is immediately calculated for you

Blinds over 4000 will need to be quoted individually. Please email us with all your sizes at info@diy-blinds.com.au


Why choose us for your eZIP Blinds?

We are one of the few Blinds companies in Victoria who double check the measurement and provide installation for our customers.

Our check measure and install services come with a small additional cost. This enables you to get your blinds measured and installed by our experts at a DIY price.

Why wait! Order your eZIP Blinds Now or Call us on 1300 040 577.



  • eZIP blinds are not recommended to be a DIY product.
  • For eZIP blinds to be installed correctly, they need to be installed by a trained and experienced blind installer.
  • This process has been introduced by eZIP Track Blinds company to guarantee the quality and standards of eZIP Blinds.

Why take the risk? DIY Outdoor Blinds is here to help!

  • If you do not have experience installing blinds, we are here to help.
  • We have experienced blind installers.
  • We can double check all your measurements and go through the colours with you.

DIY Outdoor Blinds currently has installers located in:

  • Melbourne.
  • Adelaide.

We are one of the few Blinds companies in Victoria who double check the measurement and provide installation for our customers.

We are currently looking for installers to cover all the states, cities, and country areas. We will update this list as new installers join our team.

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